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Rear Adm. J. P. Womble, Jr.
Jan., 1948 - July, 1948

Rear Adm. J. P. Womble, Jr.

Rear Adm. John Phillip Womble Jr., was born Dec. 15, 1900 in Atlanta, Ga. He attended Atlanta public schools before his appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy in 1917. He had World War I service as a midshipman, serving in the summer of 1918 aboard USS Ohio, operating with the Atlantic Fleet.

He graduated and was commissioned an ensign on June 5, 1920.

Following graduation, he was assigned to USS Mississippi and served on that battleship for one year before being transferred for duty on USS Mackenzie. From Sept. 29, 1921 until June 5, 1925, he had successive duty as torpedo officer on three destroyers: USS Edsall, USS Melvin and USS Somers.

On July 24, 1925, he reported to Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. for instruction in aviation, and following a course in chemical warfare at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, he returned to sea duty on board USS Farragut.

In 1927, he returned to the Naval Academy for two years in the executive department. Following that tour, he servec aboard USS Paul Jones, flagship of Squadron 15, during operations in the Yangtze River Valley. In December, 1951, he became executive officer of USS McCormick.

Standing in front of building 200, Rear Adm. J. P. Womble Jr., reads his orders detaching him from NTC.  Capt. E. A. Tarbutton is at the right.  The photo was taken from the July 23, 1948 issue of 'The Hoist.' He returned to the United States and on June 24, 1952, he reported to the Georgia School of Technology at Atlanta, foi a tour of duty in connection with the Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit of that school. On June 6, 1954, he joined USS Northampton and in June, 1957 until December, 1958, he served in the discharge section, enlisted personne division of Bureau of Navigation (later renamed Bureau ol Naval Personnel).

He next commanded USS Dale until Feb. 28. 1941, and during that period, the destroyer was assigned to Pear Harbor to strengthen the defense of the Hawaiian Islands.

He became executive officer of USS Dobbin on Feb. 28 1941 and was present on Dobbin during the Japanese attacl-on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. Early in 1942, the Dobbin moved to Sydney, Australia, and on Sept. 1, Rear Adm Womble returned to the United States.

He next had duty at the Bureau of Naval Personnel and he received an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Ursinus College, Collegeville, Penn.

Following instruction in May, 1944 at the Sound School, San Diego, he became commander, Destroyer Squadron 52 and in March, 1945, he was commander, Task Flotilla Two. Promoted to commodore on April 6, 1945, he effected the first landing of Naval forces at Yokosuka, Japan and commended the Naval occupational activities there. He was present at the surrender ceremonies on board USS Missouri.

He also served as general inspector for Demobilizaatoin; commanding officer USS Springfield (CL-66); commander, NTS; commanding officer Support Group, U.S. Naval Forces, Far East; and director for intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 1954, he was Commander, Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.

There is no further information regarding Rear Adm. Womble after 1954.

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