Center Commanders

Capt. Sinclair Gannon
June, 1930 -- June, 1933

Capt. Sinclair Gannon Capt. Sinclair Gannon was born in Columbia, Texas on March 19, 1877 and entered the Naval Academy on June 2, 1896. He graduated on June 8, 1900 and, after serving two years at sea, then required by law, he was commissioned an ensign on July 1, 1902.

His early career saw duty on board USS Constitution, USS Michigan, USS Piscataqua, USS Kearsarge, USS Marchias, USS Nevada and USS Connecticut. By 1912, he was a lieutenant commander and the commanding officer of USS Elcano, which operated on the Yangtze River during the overthrow of the Manchu Dynast. In 1917, he completed a tour at the Naval Academy and was promoted to commander.

He commanded USS Saranac, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his duties there.

In 1918, he was promoted to captain and commanded USS San Francisco. I 1921, he attended the Naval War College and reported to the Navy Department, Washington, D.C. for duty int he office of the Chief of Naval Operations. On July 1, 1935, he was promoted to rear admiral and retired in April, 1941.

He died at the Naval Hospital, Annapolis Maryland on Oc. 21, 1948 survived by two daughters, Nancy Stuart Gannon and Mary Sinclair Gannon. Interment was at the Naval Academy Cemetery, Annapolis.

Center Commanders

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