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Capt. C. W. Cole
Sept., 1927 -- June, 1930

Capt. C. W. Cole Like Adm. Laning, Capt. C. W. Cole's biography is sketchy. His biography was not on file with the National Archives, so the following information was obtained through Hoist articles.

Capt. Cole was born in Marshall, Mich., in 1876 and moved to Toledo, Ohio, where he graduated from high school and entered the Naval Academy.

After graduating, he was assigned as a midshipman to the Asiatic station and served on board USS Solace, then a transport ship and later a hospital ship. He was present throughout the Philippine Insurrection, serving on board both USS Baltimore and the Spanish gunboat Paraguay.

From that vessel, he was ordered to USS Princeton, where he received his commission as ensign and in 1905, he because a lieutenant. He served as navigator on USS Denver and completed a world cruise on USS Ohio.

He later transferred to the Naval Academy as a navagation and math instructor.

He served as executive officer on USS Cincinnati and USS Rhode Island. During World War I, he commanded USS pastores and USS Grant.

Following the war, he commanded USS Mercy and USS Omaha. On Omaha, the ship won the battle efficiency trophy for leadership and he received a letter from President Calvin Collidge.

If anyone has any further information regarding his naval career following his tour at NTC or date of death, please contact the webmaster.

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